JJ Sandham produces the full spectrum of hard British territorial cheeses including Cheddar, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Cheshire and Wensleydale.

Matched with our range of traditional Lancashire Cheese, we are able to deliver the full British cheese offer making us the first choice for delicatessens, caterers and retailers across the country.

Our British territorial range is available in various product formats and we can ‘make to order’ if required.

Our Cheese Range


A white open crumbly textured territorial cheese with a mild, clean, refreshing lactic flavour.

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Matured white, firm bodied territorial cheese, creamy with savoury notes.

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Double Gloucester

A pale orange smooth textured, mild territorial cheese with a creamy buttery flavour.

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Red Leicester

Dark orange, firm smooth bodied territorial cheese, savoury and nutty, well rounded flavour.

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