JJ Sandham was the first cheese maker to offer a blended Lancashire cheese with garlic, an extremely popular cheese now sold throughout the world.

Our range of savoury blended cheese now extends to include ingredients such as chives, caramelised onion, chilli flakes, black pepper, sundried tomatoes, mixed herbs. The list is endless.

When melted these cheeses offer a whole new flavour dimension. We blend all styles of British cheese using only the finest ingredients.

Our Cheese Range

Horseradish & Parsley

A mild cheddar cheese flecked with particulates of horseradish with characteristic dark green parsley imparting a clean fresh flavoured cheese with bursts of hot, peppery, pungent notes.

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Ploughman's Pickle

Light cream coloured cheese blended with a combination of sharp pickled onions and flecked with green chives imparting an infusion of particulates to give a clean, fresh flavoured cheese.

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Lancashire Black Pepper

Light cream coloured cheese blended with fragments of cracked black peppercorns to produce a clean fresh flavour infused with characteristic spicy, aromatic, warming pepper notes.

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Caramelised Onion & Red Wine

Smooth caramelised onion chutney infused with red wine offering a 'synergy' between the sweetness from the chutney and warming red wine.

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Ale & Mustard

Blended with wholegrain mustard and infused with ale, offering a consistent, rich, creamy, granular texture with 'bursts' of pungent mustard seeds.

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Roasted Onion & Garlic

Light cream in colour with an infusion of roasted onion pieces and pungent garlic, imparting a combination of clean, fresh and savoury notes.

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Pizza Cheddar

A mild cheddar cheese flecked with particulates of red ripened sundried tomatoes and speckled with an infusion of Mediterranean mixed herbs and garlic to give a characteristic savoury flavour.

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Flamin ‘Eck

Orange coloured cheese infused with a blend of warming sun-dried tomatoes partnered with the 'kick' of green jalapeno peppers and fiery chilli notes.

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Roast Onion & Garlic

Open crumbly textured cheese, clean and fresh with characteristic garlic notes.

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Fresh Spring Onion

Light cream to white coloured cheese speckled with green flecks of freshly chopped spring onions to produce a clean, fresh savoury 'bite'.

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